Board And Train Programs

Lets be real....we know life can get in the way of reaching your dog training goals. That's why we stand behind this amazing program to help YOU get peace of mind knowing your dog is learning, having fun, and will come back a well mannered family member. 


 Let's put this into perspective....dogs learn by what we teach them and what we let them get away with. As an owner, the most common mistake is reinforcing undesired behaviors through correcting at the wrong time and/or rewarding the behavior unintentionally. 

Often we hear, "My dog knows better" or "Why is he so stubborn?" In reality, what we perceive as stubborn or hardheaded is actually a behavior the dog learned was acceptable at some point in time.

A Board and Train under a seasoned professional is absolutely more effective and in depth than group class or a couple private lessons. A trainer is able to spend a great deal of time building confidence and superb foundation in a balanced and consistent environment! 







































-  Board and Trains are perfect for dogs and owners that need help with Basic Obedience, Aggression, Reactivity, Lack of Off Leash Reliability, Etc!

-  24/7 Consistency with multiple training sessions a day.

-  Dogs are socialized in a balanced group setting.

-  Board and Trains with Duality K9 offer a comfortable home setting with updates on the dog's progress for the owner. 

-  Here at Duality K9 our Board and Trains focus on building a confident dog through engagement with the handler and guiding them into making better choices.

What we offer AFTER a Board and Train!

Why a Board and Train?

- We include up to 10 hours, YES 10 HOURS of included private lessons AFTER your dog goes home. We would never expect you to receive your dog and try to figure out what to do. We coach you and give you the support you need to help make the transition easy and stress free. 

-  A lifetime of FREE group class(for the graduating Board and Train dog) to continue socializing around other dogs/people/distractions.

-  24/7 support from us! Call/Email/Text with questions!

-  You have the ability to board your dog with us to maintain training and allow the dog to continue socializing with balanced dogs.

-  Lastly,  we offer a beautiful and lasting relationship between you and your dog!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I visit my dog while he/she is in training?   

Yes! We actually encourage it! We do require an appointment beforehand but, we want you, the owner, to be able to be apart of the training. 

What can I expect in a Board and Train Program? 

- You can expect a highly mannered family member, noticeably calmer and happier, less impulsive, and more respectful. A dog you feel comfortable with taking during outings or vacations and a dog thats an overall joy to be around. 

What method of training do you use?

- We do not like to be tied down to one method of training. We have a large toolbox and an even larger understanding that dogs are individuals and must be trained as so. What works for one dog may not work for the next. 

Are the results guaranteed?

- As much as we would love to be able to guarantee our work, we cannot guarantee future behaviors. Dogs are not robots and require consistency beyond their Board and Train. However, we offer 24/7 support and are always willing to answer your questions if they arise!

How long is a Board and Train?

- Board and Train duration depends on the behaviors exhibited and the amount of time the trainer deems necessary to work a dog in a comfortable time frame to avoid unnecessary stress on the dog.

What will my dog learn during a Board and Train?

- Our Board and Train Programs include, but are not limited to:

-Basic Obedience 

-Impulse Control (Many Issues stem from lack thereof)


-Proper Greeting of people/dogs

-Confidence Building

-Calm on command

-Kennel manners

-Threshold manners

-Feeding Manners

-Leash Skills 

-Proper Play

What Programs We Offer!

Puppy Manners

This program is for those young, up and coming puppies! Puppy Manners is specifically designed for puppies between the ages of 16 weeks and 6 months. This program allows puppies to learn their basic manners, crate training, potty training, loose leash walking, proper socializing, and confidence building! Starting a puppy young will set them up for a more promising adulthood!

**Program is all on leash**


Obedience Commands you can expect in Puppy Manners:





-Leave It 


-Heel (Foundation)


Calm Behavior Commands/Actions

-Go potty 



-Wait for food

-Threshold (Waiting at doorways)  

                                                                                                                                                                              Basic Bootcamp

This program helps build a confident, obedient, and happy dog! Your dog will learn the most crucial obedience commands under distracting environments. This program will help you feel at ease knowing you can take your dog to a coffee shop, Lowes, Parks, etc and receive TONS of compliments on how well behaved your dog is! We want you to feel empowered and happy to have your dog out in public, isn't that why we get dogs in the first place? Basic Bootcamp is not intended for aggressive/reactive dogs.  

**Program is all on leash**

Obedience Commands you can expect in Basic Bootcamp:

-Crate Manners

-Obedience commands (sit,down,stay, wait , leave it, heeling ,etc)

-Thresholds (Waiting at doorways)

-Waiting for food

-Address excitable behaviors when guests come over 

-Loose leash walking 

-Confidence building

                                                                                                                        Program Cost: $2899



Reactive Rover Bootcamp (Behavior Modification)

*An e collar is required and included in this program!*

RR Bootcamp is our most unique and personalized training program. It is tailored to each individual dog's needs to build a strong foundation to work them through their everyday stressors and help them make better choices. It's not too late to have a well mannered dog! Don't give up, we can help! 


**Program is all on leash**  

This program in intended for:

-Human/Dog Aggression 

-Human/Dog Reactivity

-Fearful Behaviors

-Resource Guarding 

-Grooming Aggression

What you can expect during Reactive Rover Bootcamp;

-Foundation/Trust Building 

-Obedience Commands (included and implemented throughout the training) 

-Threshold Manners

-Meal Time manners 

-Kennel Manners

-Proper Socialization towards people and dogs

-Confidence building

-Muzzle Conditioning (If needed)

-Addressing core problem behaviors 

-Proper leash walking 

-Calm on command 

-Moving away/ignoring stressors 

-Reducing Stress through play

                                                                                                Program Cost: $3899