Meet Heather !

         Heather was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. She grew up around many animals including dogs, horses, cats, etc.  From the start, Heather enjoyed learning about dogs and horses by reading books, being hands on, and watching animals interact with one another. She would train her family dogs to do tricks and teach them their basic manners. Her desire to help dogs grew as she got older. She loved seeing the progress that came from training. 

          She married and moved to San Diego, where she lived for 5 years. She studied under Animal Behavior College and earned a certificate in "Dog Training." From there, she was determined to learn everything she could about dog behavior and psychology. She has over 20,000 hours of training dogs and she is constantly learning new techniques to help owners and dogs better understand each other. 

          Heather started her own business "Duality K9" in March of 2015. She has studied under multiple seasoned trainers and gained extensive knowledge throughout the years. Her continued goal is to help as many owners and dogs as she can live a structured and happy life together.  

Here at Duality K9 we know each and every dog is unique. That is why we mold our training programs to fit each individual dog and owner. We want you to enjoy your dog and the training that comes along with them.

Serving San Diego, CA and Surrounding Areas