Duality K9 Private Lessons

We offer excellent one on one training for ALL dogs. In our private program we will go over problem behaviors, lifestyle changes, how to use training tools, how to train using permission, and most importantly, whats causing those troublesome behaviors!

Trust us! We know how frustrating it can be when your dog just won't listen to commands, eats out of the trash, steals your child's sandwich right out of their hands, jumps on guests, and even those that make your heart skip a beat, because you don't know if someone left the front door open. You ABSOLUTELY CAN  can have that dog you complimented in a store for being so well behaved, the dog that is playing off leash in an open field, the dog that lets guests come into the house without being tackled with affection, and most importantly, the dog that you dreamed he/she would be the day you brought them home. 

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What to expect in our Private Program:

$600/5 Lessons

Basic Obedience





-Leave it

-Drop it


-Watch me


-Proper play between handler and dog

-Proper socializing

-Proper Engagement

-No reward/ Reward Markers (Yes and No)

-How to use a clicker

-How to Lure and Shape behaviors  

Advanced Obedience ( Off leash/ under distraction)

-Off leash recall

-Distance Commands


-Out of motion Commands (Sit/down command while walking)

-Obedience in popular dog friendly stores

-Focus under heavy distractions

-Proper responses to humans and dogs in public 

-Learning how to advocate for your dog in stressful situations 

-Complete understanding of canine body language 

-Correct timing of Markers,Rewards, and Corrections

Private sessions are 10% trainer and 90% owner. We want you to be committed to training after every session. The training does not stop when the trainer leaves! Dogs need consistency and clarity in their training journey. We must give them 100% attention and commitment if we expect 100% from them! 

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