K9 Bootcamp

Jumpstart your training goals with our K9 Bootcamp! Hand your leash to us and we will transform your dog! 

3 week Obedience Board and Train Program $2950.00

*20ft line, E collar Included, Place Bed*

This Program is intended for those looking to jump start their dog's foundation in their obedience. DK9 will take the heavy lifting out of teaching your dog new tasks and show you the ropes to maintain the obedience set in place! 

*This is not a program for dogs with severe behavior concerns.*

  • This program will go over teaching and solidifying your dog's basic commands like sit, down, place, heel, come, leave it, etc. in distracting environments.

  • Your dog will learn good social skills with people and other dogs during their training. (Proper greetings, threshold manners, no jumping, calm on command, etc.)

  • Dogs get daily exercise, play, and will learn to walk on a treadmill.

  • Dog's in this program will go on many field trips to work in realistic environments

  • After the program ends you will receive up to (4) lessons to teach you everything your dog has learned and how to keep them well behaved when they go home!

A $500 Deposit is due to hold your spot

5 Week Behavior Modification Board and Train $3899.00

*20ft line, Place Bed, E collar Included*

This Program is intended for dogs with behavior concerns like aggression, dog/people reactivity, severe insecurity, etc. In this program dogs will learn to make better choices and become more confident family members. 

  • This program will solidify basic obedience commands along with teaching the dog how to look to the handler for guidance instead of responding to a trigger. 

  • Your dog will learn how to make correct choices in the presence of a stressor.

  • Your dog will get daily exercise, play, and will learn to walk on a treadmill.

  • Dogs will also learn good social skills with other dogs and people.

  • After the program ends, you will receive (4) lessons to ensure there is clear communication with the transition back home.

A $500 Deposit is due to hold your spot

8 Week Off Leash Freedom Board and Train\ $4600.00

*20ft line, Place Bed, E collar Included*

This program is intended for those that crave adventure and would love to take their dog with them! This program teaches everything in our basic/advanced program, but with no leash! 

  • This program will solidify Obedience commands on leash, then move them towards off leash freedom!

  • Your dog will learn to respond to you from long distances and be more reliable off leash no matter the location!

  • Your dog will get daily exercise and go on field trips to different locations.

  • Dogs will learn how to navigate their freedom all while being responsive to their handlers. 

  • After the program ends, you will receive (4) off property lessons to ensure there is clear communication with the transition back home. 

A $1000 deposit is due to hold your spot

-Private Program: 5 Lessons @ $795 (Initial Start Up)

-Additonal Lessons: 5 @ $425

Location: Local parks, In home, Location of choice  

* 20Ft long line , Place Bed Included*

This Program is for those that want to be a part of the beginning/middle/end of training. Let us show you the ropes and bring out your best dog! 

*We meet once a week (1hr) for 5 weeks *

  • Basic commands (Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Heel, Come)

  • Lack of Impulse Control 

  • Door Bolting

  • Jumping

  • Lack of Socialization 

  • Puppy Development 

  • Digging

  • Chewing 

  • Destructive Behavior 

  • Leash Pulling

  • Kennel manners 

  • etc

A deposit of $200 is due to hold your spot

Day Training Program

This program is just like our Board and Train program except your dog goes home at the end of the day. During this program your dog will learn their on leash/off leash obedience all under the guidance of a professional trainer while you're at work!  *This program is not intended for severe behavior concerns such as Aggression, Reactivity, Separation anxiety.*

This Program includes: 

  • Long line, Training Collar (e collar NOT included)

  • Your dog receives (4) 1 hour training sessions throughout the day.

  • Advanced Day Training dogs will take field trips during the day.

  • After every day of training the Owner will receive a 1 hour private lesson to go over everything the dog learned that day.

  • Structured Play Group in between sessions.

  • Knowing that your dog is getting the benefits of exercise, training, and socializing all while you're at work! 

A $200 Deposit is due to hold your spot

(Limited Spots Available)

Individual Day: $190


Day Training Program (6 days): $925 

Two weekdays for 3 weeks.

*Discount for multiple dog households*


Drop off/ Pick up Services: 

Starting at: $10 (one way)

Here at Duality K9 we know each and every dog is unique. That is why we mold our training programs to fit each individual dog and owner. We want you to enjoy your dog and the training that comes along with them.

Serving Hampton Roads and Moyock, NC Areas