Welcome to Duality K9!

Duality K9 specializes in Basic Obedience, Behavior Modification, and rehabbing of long term behaviors. We are a family owned and operated business that loves extending our knowledge to our clients. We train using real world scenarios, accountability, and addressing the source of the problem.  In other words, we reward what we like and correct what we don't!

Here at Duality K9, we provide top-notch dog training, but most importantly, training the owner to ensure a strong partnership! 

How can we help YOU?

Is your dog driving you crazy? Are you finding ways to just DEAL with the problem? Duality K9 wants to show YOU that those problems you think are permanent, CAN be fixed with guidance and a structured training program! Don't give up, we are here to help owners learn about their dog and to create a better bond, with a more obedient lifestyle.