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  • When should I start training?
    For any new addition to your family, regardless of age, it's extremely imortant to start implementing training, boundaries, and rules right away to ensure a healthy bond between owner and dog!
  • Do you work with aggression?
    YES! We work with all types of behaviors including aggression.
  • What kind of methodology/ tools do you use?
    We strongly believe that dogs learn at different paces. We love to incorporate motivators like food and play in each training session. We use a variety of tools including but not liminted to, e collars, prong collars, slip leads, muzzles, etc.
  • Do you offer refunds/guarantees?
    Since training is dependant on your effort put forth in each training session or when a dog returns from a board and train we do not offer a refund for training services. It would also be unethical to guarantee training once the dog is in your care due to not being in full control of future situations/handling.
  • Can I visit my dog during a Board and Train?
    We do not allow visitation at the trainer's residence during a board and train due to it being a private residence and not a facility. However, we do offer mid board and train sessions at an agreed location.
  • How long will my dog need training?
    Training is a lifelong commitment. We want training to be tied into your daily routine to take the "chore" of it out of the equation. There is no one stop shop with training where you will not need to put forth additonal effort to maintain training put in place.
  • What If I am uncomfortable with the tools you use/recommend?
    We will never force you to use a tool on your dog. Although, tools recommended are for the benefit of you AND your dog during the course of training. If you are hesistant or unwilling to try to use a suggested tool, then we would suggest finding a trainer that aligns with your viewpoint.
  • How long are training sessions?
    The Immersion consult is 1.5 hours long. This ensures you can ask any questions you may have and get a baseline training session started. Private lessons done after the Immersion Consult are 1 hour in length.
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